4 Foods For the Broken-Hearted

Having your heart broken seems to (at least at the time) be one of the toughest things that you can experience in your lifetime. What’s hard to digest is the fact that it’s an unavoidable ordeal – not to mention there’s a possibility that it could happen more than once! If you’re thinking that a broken heart can only be the product of your significant other parting ways with you, you should think again.


Various factors can affect a persons emotions, thus leading to a ‘broken heart’. This may come from a personal trauma like having to see your beloved dog die, failing and having to repeat your board exam for the 5th time, or seeing your parents go through a divorce.  These factors can easily cause you to feel like you need to get away from it all.

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However, what you can’t get away from is the fact that each person undergoes these kinds of dilemmas with surprising frequency. All these experiences, whether good or bad, actively contribute to your mental and emotional state as a person.

Having a broken heart has actually been proven to physically damage your heart. The American Heart Association found that being emotionally hurt can make a person prone to what is called broken heart syndrome. Typically, it is a disease born from the mix of depression, mental health, and heart disease. It proves to be quite a challenge to the inflicted, as it’s symptoms include things such as angina, or chest pains, and shortness of breath, to name just a couple.

So what can you do to prevent your heart from being broken? Bad news: the answer is nothing. Again, this is an inescapable phenomenon each person should expect to go through in their lives. So, to rephrase the above-mentioned question, what can you do to survive having your heart broken?

You might be shocked, but the answer is actually quite delicious.

Food proves to be the solution to a number of things, including saving you from the clutches of being heartbroken. Science has shown that eating specific foods can actually help you to uplift your mood and spirits.

Try to move on with these foods for the broken-hearted

Wine oh so Fine

If you’re thinking of wasting away from that heart-broken feeling, then waste away- the healthy way.

Red wine has been proven to be a surprisingly healthy alternative to your traditional double scotch. With good reason, considering the fact that it contains some really healthy substances – including antioxidants which keep your cells replenished and revitalized.

Of course, the alcohol in the wine also helps you to relax and let go of the heavy things you keep in that big heart of yours (at least temporarily). Not only does it help prevent heart attacks in healthy does, it also gives you a more relaxed rest.

red wine

So if you’re thinking about a night out with your college buds or your life-long girlfriends, then make sure to grab a red wine or two. Drink away and walk away!

Nutty Goodness, Hearty Goodness

Almonds, pistachios, walnuts and peanuts are not only delicous; they also offer some wondrous health benefits that can lift your heart in no time. These nuts actually have nutrients in them which can help to lower blood pressure when you’re feeling stressed, keep your arteries clear, lower cholesterol and body fat, and ultimately reduce your chances of having heart diseases.


If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, ice cream with nut flavors is actually a good way to go about eating these little heart pumpers in an even tastier way. In gloomy times, a little dairy wouldn’t hurt.

And if you’re stuck at home wanting comfort food, there’s always peanut butter and some bread. Now that’s tasty.

Lighten the Feeling with Dark Choco

Over the course of research, many people had found that eating dark chocolate gives excellent benefits for the human body. It is nutritious in the sense that it improves brain function as well as protects the skin from diseases. However, what is most outstanding among all of them is its significant impact on the heart.

Dark chocolate is a good source of antioxidants. These include polyphenols, flavanols, catechins, and others. So what antioxidants do to help the body?

dark chocolate

Antioxidants help prevent free radicals from inducing illnesses in your body by counteracting them and therefore neutralizing them in the bloodstream. In the same way, you can say that an imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals can be major factor that affects one’s health, especially during the stressful experience of being broken hearted.

What other things does dark chocolate give a person? With regards to the circulatory system, this scrumptious food improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure – which is significant in providing the body the oxygen it needs to perform its daily activities.

With all these benefits at work, dark chocolate presents itself as a delightful alternative to your common milk chocolate, with all the health advantages. Dark chocolate is the answer to these similarly dark times.

Beans there, done that

One of the more uncommon foods that can help mend a broken heart is beans. But really, how do beans help you in your most challenging time?

Beans are known to have substances which lower cholesterol. Lowering cholesterol is good for the heart (up to a point) since lower cholesterol levels allow blood to flow to the body’s veins and arteries.

beans on toast

In this regard, beans help lower blood pressure which is important because they prevent high blood pressure that, when left unchecked, may be fatal to any person who has incurred it.

What separates beans from the others?

According to studies, beans are abundant sources of numerous vitamins and minerals that are associated with improved heart health. These vitamins and minerals comprise of zinc, potassium niacin, and magnesium. In another study on beans consumption, it has been proven that one B vitamin in particular, folate, reduces levels of the amino acid homocysteine, which can actually damage your blood vessel walls. In fact when you have higher concentrations of homocysteine, chances are higher that you’re going to have heart attacks and strokes. Folate in beans makes sure that that doesn’t happen.


Without a doubt, having your heart broken is a thing that causes mental, physical and emotional traumas for you. It infects every other facet of your daily life. You would immediately want to get rid of the feeling right away, but this proves to be a nearly impossible task.

Thanks to the people who go the extra mile in research, science has found out that behind your ordinary stress-eating habits, your life might take a turn for the better.

Furthermore, food has indeed provided the answer to yet another modern problem the world is facing today. However, the question remains, what exactly are the foods that helps you with the pain?

In recent years, it has been found that eating a desirable amount of dark chocolate, nibbling on some tasty peanuts, gobbling up quality beans and drinking that fine red wine can save you from heartbreak and perhaps even save your life. The common denominator of the following foodstuffs is the fact that it gives the heart nutrients, improves the overall function of the circulatory system and of course…tastes great!

The inevitability of having your heart broken is daunting to be sure. Then again, there is more to life than just your broken pieces.

Eat it away, drink it away, breakaway!

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